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Prayers of the faithful

Sunday July 23 2017

Sixteenth Sunday in ordinary time


Priest: Let us bring our petitions to the Father who hears and answers all our prayers.


1)   For Pope Francis, our Bishops, priests and deacons, that the example of their lives may continue to give witness to God’s mercy and love.


Let us pray to the lord


2)   For those in public office, that they may be open to God's grace and work to protect the weak and vulnerable in their midst,


Let us pray to the Lord


3)   For the sick and the lonely, that through the love and compassion of others, they may know of God's unfailing presence in their lives.


Let us pray to the Lord


4)   For these faith communities, may we take time each day to give thanks to God for the many gifts he bestows upon us, and strive to serve him with joyful hearts.


Let us pray to the Lord



5)   For our beloved dead, especially_________________, from SSPP and _______________, from SJA, may they receive the reward of a life well spent and come to share in the fullness of Christ's glory.


Let us pray to the Lord


6)   For married couples, that they give witness to the beauty of their sacrament through their love for each other and for the petitions listed in the parish book of intersessions.


Let us pray to the Lord


Priest:  Father hear our prayers and grant us the grace needed to lead lives which are

           holy and pleasing to you. We ask this through your son, Jesus Christ ou